Commercial & Residential Walkways in Alpharetta

Installing a walkway or path is often overlooked in landscape design. Instead, some folks think about installing other hardscapes such as garden ponds, retaining walls, or patios. However, it is crucial to consider how all of these features will connect to one another. Our team of experts knows that adding a walkway to your landscape can add to the style of your design and provide a natural route for foot traffic to follow. A thoughtfully installed walkway on your landscape is also a convenient asset in wet weather. Synergy Landscape Group can design and install custom walkway layouts to connect landscape designs on your commercial or residential property.

Walkway Design & Installation

Designing a walkway is essential to the result of your commercial or residential landscape project, and there are several things to consider. Our team of experts at Synergy Landscape Group will help you choose the perfect style and layout for your custom path. We look at the natural traffic flow in your backyard to determine the best location for a path and want to avoid chopping up your property with too many tracks. We are committed to quality and the satisfaction of our customers, so we design hardscapes to complement existing building materials to provide an aesthetically pleasing design.

Walkway Types 

There are several different kinds of walkways our team can design and install on your commercial or residential property. Our team of experts can install sidewalks, create a path out of paver stones, or use flagstones in your commercial or residential walkway. We can also use various high-quality materials to construct your custom path.

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