About Us

In the beginning, the company was known as Strickland Scape and was just solely residential based. Our founder, John Strickland, held the title of Vice Chairman for the Georgia Green Industry Association (G.G.I.A.) in 2006; our industry’s State wide organization; working with our state’s universities and legislators to support over 1,500 landscapers and growers. John also formerly held the title of President for the Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association (M.A.L.T.A.). John has been named Chairman of the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional task force. This group comprised of members of the university system and landscape industry, is charged with a testing program for our state that would award certification to landscapers, and classify these individuals as true professionals.

In 2003, Shaun Bowker began working with the company after pursuing a career in Computer Science and Software Development. He acquired his passion and love for landscaping from his father in the mid-90’s. He was hired to overlook the landscape installation and maintenance divisions. He began studying for the GCLP and Pesticide Application tests immediately upon hire.

In 2004, Shaun started a side project of designing high-end residential landscapes in Atlanta, while Strickland Scape added two more divisions to their services including commercial maintenance, and installation.

In 2006, John offered the company to Shaun. John was ready to retire and pursue other interests. He knew Shaun had the vision to continue the passion he had instilled within the company. When Shaun bought the Strickland Scape from John, he merged the two companies together.

During 2009, Synergy Landscape Group went through a period of transition, changing the name of the company, adding more trained personnel, different divisions and updating new techniques to stay competitive in the industry and taking our clients to the next level.

Today, the company has five divisions and has expanded to more than 10 counties. Synergy Landscape Group is determined to maintain the horticultural well-being of your landscape. We are backed by 40 years of experience in the North Metro Atlanta landscape community and associated with the finest professionals on today’s landscape scene.


There are many ways Synergy Landscape Group fosters growth as both a commercial and residential landscape firm. We provide an environmental and sustainable approach to every operation. It was inevitable that through these many years of service, a landscaping company would emerge to handle all of your landscape needs in a professional manner. Our programs are based on fine landscape principles through value-based services.