French Drains

French drains are one of many types of drainage systems that can prevent flooding or ponding in a yard. These are installed below the grade of the property in places where water is known to collect and helps send the standing water to a drainage area.

The Building Process

Installed French Drains

After determining the depth in which the French drain needs to be, a trench is excavated to the spec width, depth and slope.

The wall will need to be properly backfilled. This refers to the dirt which is placed behind the wall. To prevent erosion and provide proper drainage, around 12 inches of granular backfill will need to be added. Then the selected Mirafi drainage fabric is installed in the channel with a thin base layer of gravel.

Depending on the application, either a slotted PVC pipe or corrugated pipe is laid on top of the gravel and the channel is then filled 3/4th with gravel. The fabric will wrap over the gravel and pinned, creating a drainage burrito. Finally, loose dirt and sod will top off the channel to assure a finish look.

You will need to think about how tall you want the wall to be as this can determine what load it can bear, and what additional reinforcements will be necessary. Wall anchors or cantilevers may need to be installed.

The water will be able to be diverted to:

  • Drainage ditches

  • Dry wells

  • The city’s sewage system

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