Commercial and Residential Retaining Walls in Alpharetta

Synergy Landscape Group is committed to improving and enhancing your property. Adding a retaining wall is a great way to combine functionality and visual appeal to your commercial or residential landscaping project. Retaining walls are intended to hold back soil when there is a significant change in elevation on the property, although they have many benefits and uses. Oftentimes, these hardscapes are used to terrace lawns that initially had a very steep slope. Our team can design and install a custom retaining wall on your commercial or residential landscape in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can do more than help defend your property against erosion. A thoughtfully installed retaining wall can improve and enhance your landscape. For instance, low retaining walls can be used as planting beds. They can also be used to create additional outdoor seating space. There are many styles and designs available to select from, so it’s easy to design a retaining wall suited to your tastes or to match any existing hardscapes on your property.

Our Process


Our team knows that, like everything else in life, retaining walls need a solid foundation for the best chance of success. This is what we call the base of the retaining wall. The base will be placed beneath the ground to an extent. The taller the wall will be, the further below the ground the base will need to be set. It is vital to have adequate support for the weight of the wall so that it doesn’t sink or fall apart.


The retaining wall will need to be properly backfilled. Backfill refers to the dirt which is placed behind the wall. Our expert team recommends that around 12 inches of granular backfill be added behind the wall to prevent erosion and provide proper drainage. Without proper backfill, you risk the retaining wall becoming damaged throughout the seasons.


Since the purpose of a retaining wall is to help protect against erosion, most of these walls are impervious, meaning that water will not be able to pass through them. However, the water must go somewhere, which is why proper drainage is essential. When drainage is neglected, hydrostatic pressure may build up, which could eventually cause the wall to become bowed or severely damaged. Weep holes may be needed to avoid this problem, and proper backfill will need to be in place. Our team is experienced in the structure of these walls and knowledgeable on how to give your property a high-quality hardscape.


A significant design aspect of retaining walls is height. The height of the wall can determine what load it can bear and what additional reinforcements will be necessary. Wall anchors or cantilevers may need to be installed for maximum stability and durability. Other factors can play a part in what reinforcements may be necessary, such as soil type or geography. Some areas require a permit to construct a retaining wall over a certain height. For instance, in Fulton County, a permit is necessary for retaining walls over 4 ft tall.

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